Instagram. Surely those of you out there with the Windows Phone are well aware of this app and the lack of one for those of us following the one, true  way. In fact, in the Windows Phone Marketplace there is a general dearth of really robust photo apps that feature the social aspect that makes Instagram such a hit. This is where Fhotoroom comes in! Whether you are a veteran photographer or someone who just enjoys the whimsy and randomness of smartphone photography, Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 7 will give you an awesome array of tools to use in a single powerful camera and photo editing app. The Fhotoroom Team put together almost +150 filters into this powerful Windows Phone app that are organized into 8 sections Edit Fx, White Balance, Transform, Light Fx, Textures, Vignette,  Frames and Borders, and Fhotograms. Combine and apply as many filters as you want to single photo before finally saving your results, this allows for unlimited different results from a single app to have you looking like the hippest phone photog in no time flat. I was able to drop 3 separate apps with just this one.

Also, you can easily share your photos with your friends, family or the world on your preferred social networks like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Flickr with a single click. You can also upload to the Fhotoroom stream. The stream is an updating flow of photos from other users where you can share, like, comment and enjoy to your hearts content.  Users from all over the world are on board and you can favorite them, friend them and follow them all!

| Review: Fhotoroom on Windows Phone

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