Saturday Night at the Movies: Air Force One


Ahh Saturday Night, the most sacred of holidays during the year. A time for relaxation! A time for violence without reason! A time for a movie, with kick-butt Harrison Ford action! Join the Ford as he tackles, shoots, lurks, presides, and defends the constitution from our Russian enemies, all from 30,00 feet in the air.

The President of the United States is on a journey home after making a speech in Moscow. But on the journey, Russian hi-jakers take over the plane, disguising themselves as newspaper reporters. They want the President to ring Moscow and release General Redek. But they think that the President has escaped in the pod. But the president is really still on board air force One attempting to regain control of the plane and to rescue his wife and daughter.
Air Force One starring Glen Close, Harrison Ford, and Gary Oldman is available for rent this Saturday and every Saturday night, in the Zune Marketplace.

| Saturday Night at the Movies: Air Force One

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