We here at enConnected don’t often get the chance to look at altruistic movies that attempt to answer questions about the human experience. Call us action nuts, but we walked away from childhood more in tune with pictures that focused on things blowing up and ending in with the hero getting the girl. All that being said, we’re not completely emotionally stunted. We can appreciate a good heart-felt comedy that attempts to answer life’s biggest questions if it’s been well put together. Take Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s Before Midnight. Sure, there are more gun-filled ways to spend a free Saturday night, but we felt watching the film was a learning experience.

Hawke and Delpy star as two people who are on vacation and built a family through all sorts of emotionally ripe situations. After getting a well-deserved break from their children, both spend a thoughtful, strife-filled night asking each other important questions and diving further into their relationship.

We know it sounds boring to you action guys, but seriously, give the film a chance. Also, watching the two previous films in the series, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a few afternoons either.

All three films are currently available for rent or purchase from Redbox, Xbox Video and Amazon.

| Saturday Night @ the Movies: Before Midnight

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