If you’d have asked us what you get when you mix Will Smith – yes the gentleman who recorded the hit song “Miami”, before going on to completely dominate the box office – was going to head up a deep and complex science fiction movie in which he didn’t make jokes, well, we’d have told you to go get jiggy with it.

Turns out I Am Legend is actually a decent science fiction movie that nails all the common hallmarks of the genre. In the beginning your left to wonder what happened to New York City that would leave only Smith’s character on the island of Manhattan. By the middle of the film, you’re wondering how they’ll wrap all of this plot up in the allotted time. By the end, you’re wondering what kind of technology allowed the film makers to dive into your thoughts and come up with a plot that is so personally troubling to you that you just stare at the screen.

If you’ve got some free time this Saturday night, check out I Am Legend and spend the late part of your night questioning your existence. It’s available for rent in the Xbox Video Store for just $3.49. You’ll need to place the rental from your Xbox 360 or Xbox Video.

| Saturday Night @ The Movies: I Am Legend

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