While “Iron Man” will never hold the distinction for being the first movie to make me take superhero movies seriously, (Shouts to Batman Begins) it does hold the very special title of being the first non-Batman superhero movie, that is of any actual quality.

Starring Robert Downy Jr & Terrence Howard, the movie tells a story of right vs wrong, of good vs. evil! Ok, who am I kidding it’s a two hour long, kick-ass, spectacular, about a guy who’s brilliant, funny, and rich all at the same time. Sadly it doesn’t star Scarlett Johansen who has been added to the newest movie roster so Gwyneth Paltrow will have to make do.

Purchase the comic book turned action movie, “Iron Man” this Saturday in the Zune Video Marketplace for 800, ($15) Microsoft points for the standard definition, and 1,600, ($20) points for a high definition download.

| Saturday Night @ the Movies: Iron Man

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