What do you get when you mixed one of the greatest cult films in recent memory and Samuel L. Jackson as a cable news anchor complete with bad haircut? You get last year’s Robocop, an epic mix of computer generated graphics, corrupt Detroit cops and really cool cybernetic armory.

Joel Kinnaman stars as Detective Murphy a gritty Detroit cop trying to take down an organized crime ring. Detective Murphy doesn’t want much in life except to stop crime from overrunning his home town and go to home to his wife and kid. When he starts investigating the wrong crime he ends up on a crash course with the criminal enterprise and corruption he’s trying to stop. You might be familiar with the rest of the story, Murphy gets blown half-way to Hades and needs the help of a cybernetics company to stay alive.

Kinnaman isn’t terrific as the title character but that’s because he doesn’t have to be; he’s half robot for most of the movie. We won’t ruin Samuel L. Jackson’s performance for you.

As far remakes are concerned, Robocop isn’t nearly as bad as the 49% Rotten Tomatoes rating it earned suggests. Robocop is available for rental or purchase in Xbox Video this Saturday night. Renting it will cost you $4.99 in standard definition.

Grab some popcorn and go along for the ride folks.

| Saturday Night @ the Movies: ‘Robocop’

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