To children cartoons are an art form. They inspire them to do more, to be more. They entertain. They encourage them to believe that they too can do extraordinary things. At least they used to until marketing got ahold of them and turned them into a big blubbering mass of stupidity. This week we present the story that got me back into cartoons, in live action form.


From Zune.net

“Experience the thrilling live-action adventure based on the hit Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Join Aang, an extraordinary boy with incredible "bending" powers, as he journeys through an exotic land filled with magical creatures and powerful friends. As the Avatar, he is the only one who can end the age-old conflict between the four nations, Air, Water, Earth and Fire. An inspirational journey, The Last Airbender is exciting entertainment for the entire family!”

As many of you may already know this movie is an adaptation from d694e10b-84c0-4654-99a6-62c7c670ba5f[1]Nickeloden’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, so to say that I wasn’t planning on being impressed by it is an understatement. I expected it to be as horrible as any movie adaption of something I like (Harry Potter I’m looking at you), instead I walked away impressed. The special effects were amazing, the story wasn’t as watered down as I expected, and the actors seem to really be into the script. (Although those first couple of scenes are a little painful.).

Now while I’m a fan of this movie, it’s on it’s first week in the Zune Video Marketplace, so there’s no renting it just yet. I don’t recommend that people purchase movies in any form; much less digitally. So tell you what. Wait until this one gets it’s to it’s rental window then checkout it out and tell me what you think. If you hyped and don’t mind purchasing it you can do so this Saturday Night in the Zune Video Marketplace for $15.

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