This week my fellow Americans, (and occasional Canadian) I’d like to take you back to a much more happy time. A time when children who loved fake karate and super heroes in spandex could get their fix. A time when Rita and Lord Zed ruled the world.

We all remember them of course. The Power Rangers of Angel Grove. How we loved their catchy one-liners. Remember how you used to rush home every afternoon just to get your hands on that remote and see what happened to Tommy, Jack, Kesha, and more importantly Alpha 5?

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie tells the story of what happens to our favorite team of teenage heroes after Ivan Ooze is defeated, and Lord Zed and Alpha have fled Earth. Yes there’s some cheesy dialog in their but, hey what super hero movie doesn’t have that?

This Saturday night checkout Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and relieve your childhood. It’s $2 dollars that the nostalgic portion of your personality will think was well spent.

| Saturday Night @ the Movies: Turbo, A Power Rangers Movie

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