Saturday Night @ the Movies: Zune Video Trailer Vault

Trailer Vault: Fantasy EditionFor weeks now I’ve had the pleasure recommending to you movies that inspire and amuse. Motion pictures that both capture the imagination, and increase your skepticism. This week ladies & gentlemen of ZuneNation I offer you a gift more timeless then a Hall & Oates music video. This weekend I present for your enjoyment this Saturday night the Zune Video Trailer Vault: Fantasy.

I know your asking yourself: “Self, why would he recommend a bunch of old trailers?” Well, first because I can which is also why I do this weird “writing as if I were talking” thing, but secondly because it’s a chance at exploration. I’m recommending you use this gem to discovery what you loved about “Harry Potter” the first time you saw it. I’m hoping you’ll digress back into childhood to remember just what it was like to get nearly blinded every time Peter Jackson white-screened the movie theatre during “Lord of the Rings”. This Saturday night check out old the old fantasy movie trailers you loved growing up. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something worth renting. Here’s a direct link.

| Saturday Night @ the Movies: Zune Video Trailer Vault

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