What if we told you that the greatest animated super hero television show to ever take its inspiration from the characters and worlds of DC Comics was now available for users to watch if they have a Netflix subscription? Young Justice is available on the world’s largest internet-based streaming video service. Now grab your pretend cape and meet us in the living room.

The show, which began its run on Cartoon Network in the United States in 2010 and lasted just two seasons, is now available on Netflix in high-definition and English. Young Justice doesn’t do anything cheesy like rely on younger versions of famous heroes like Super Man and Batman. Instead, the show revolves around a new team of superheroes and sidekicks as they take on bad guys and form their own elite group to take on evil-does. If you haven’t seen it, the show is an absolute masterpiece, and it perfectly blends the universe and subject matter most viewers are familiar with and the issues that real life super heroes might face. The teenage team of super heroes include Robin, Super Boy, Aqualad, Kid Flash and Miss Martian, and the characters you know and love from the Justice League Unlimited are all along for the ride as mentors too.

Fortunately, Young Justice is also available in the Xbox Video Store if you don’t have a Netflix subscription. Unfortunately, it’s $49.99 for the first season in high-definition. The second season of the show is just a little bit cheaper at $44.99. If you’re really exciting about checking out the show, it’s probably a better idea just to subscribe to a month of Netflix for $7.99 and then end your subscription immediately after you finish the show.


| What’s On: Young Justice Comes to Netflix

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