What? You’re ready to earn a few Xbox LIVE achievements¬†trying to park motor vehicles, on the cheap? With a Windows Phone and lower prices thanks to Microsoft’s Windows Phone Red Stripe Deal of the Week promotion, you can.

Starting today, Windows Phone users can pick up Parking Mania¬†for just $.99. It’s exactly what you might be thinking. In the game, you earn achievements as you struggle to park random vehicles in different cluttered parking lots.

Fortune-telling app turned game, Akinator is also available for $.99. You can ask the app all sorts of questions, in more than a few different languages. On a fun Friday night, it could be a crowd pleaser.

Finally Boom Brigade 2 allows users to command a company of troops and blow things up, all for $.99 too!

Remember, you’ve got until next week to pick up this week’s deals. Happy parking!