You don’t have to be a super villain to make off with a few good deals on the best DC Universe movies to ever grace the small screen. For a limited time Xbox and Windows users can grab movies like Justice League Doom for $10.

The slate of discounted movies include Batman: Year One, Justice Leage: Doom, All-Star Superman, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, The Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman: Doomsday, Justice League: The New Frontier, Batman: Gotham Knight, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker, Superman/Shazam! The Return of Black Adam and Super vs. The Elite.

Xbox Video is also offering users an exclusive documentary exploring the creation of DC Comic’s most iconic evil-doers. Entitled Necessary Evil: Super Villains of DC Comics, fans will love hearing their favorite villain’s origin stories.

These deals are available in the Xbox Video Store on Windows 8 PCs, and the Xbox Video Store on the Xbox 360. These deals won’t get you any closer to being Batman, but you aren’t tall enough anyway so that’s ok.

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