Apparently, Microsoft is planning to unveiling something “small” and Surface related at a press event it’s sent out invitations for on May 20th.

According to The Verge, media outlets began receiving digital invites to the Microsoft Surface¬†event late today. Naturally, the newly announced event has put a spotlight on the Surface Mini, or lack of a Surface Mini in Microsoft’s tablet portfolio. Rumors about¬†a smaller Surface tablet that’s been built with note-taking in mind have circled for months.

Originally, most media outlets concluded that Microsoft would be releasing a Surface Mini tablet to compete directly with the Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad mini last year. As such, Microsoft releasing a Surface Mini after this May 20th event isn’t a sure thing. We also don’t know if this Surface Mini will include an Intel processor that allows users to install Desktop apps or a ARM processor that’ll enable longer battery life and restrict app installations to what users can download in the Windows Store.

Naturally, a smaller Surface tablet would allow users to read books, watch movies from Xbox Video and listen to music in a more convenient package than what is available today.