Review: ZunePass 2009


Since the destruction of Napster by the Recording Industry of America, both consumers and the record companies have struggled to invent business models that would allow for the most amount of control for music enthusiasts and the highest rate of compensation for the rights holders and music producers. Of course they’ve failed time and time again, however over the last couple of years they’ve seen to come to terms with the fact that people want what they want for as little hassle as possible. Over time that dynamic has been responsible for the creation of the biggest tool used to pirate nearly anything digital I.E. BitTorrent, but it spawned something else. Something totally legal, subscription music. Most Zune users we’re first attracted to the platform by Zune Pass and therefore already know nearly everything there is to know about the service however for those of you who are new or never bothered to get the lowdown here’s how it works. Each month Microsoft bills you $14.95 for access to nearly unlimited music for as long as you keep your payments current, or you cancel your subscription. If you’re into new music or love checking out what the kids are listening to these days, it provides an excellent alternative to paying $12.99 for one album…
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