MVP Summit: Day One

Greetings from MVP Summit 2010 everyone! Just as I promised I would for the rest of the week I’ll be posting about my experiences each day. If you’re looking for information and new Zune releases you should move on. I’m not interested in breaking any NDAs or entertaining any questions on what may or may be coming to Zune.

I arrived in Bellevue at about 10 PST on Monday so I didn’t get that much site seeing in at all to tell you the truth. I will say this though, Delta Airlines has made a life long customer out of me, both of my flights were on time, and arrived early to both my connection and my final destination.

First thing Tuesday morning Wolfgang, and I (my summit roommate) grabbed breakfast at nice open air, restaurant. Nothing too shabby, either. This was the moment I realized how true all the rumors of Washington state’s legendary habit of always being polite, really was. I never saw on person frown in front of me. Not once. Did I mention the downtown Bellevue, is perhaps the most awesome urban setting I’ve ever seen. Our high rise hotel was connected to an indoor mall. Yes classy, I’ve promised I’d keep you guys informed of all the stuff not covered under my NDA but to be honest all things related Zune are, so if you were looking for inside info it’s really not going to happen this week, or any other week for that matter. Tomorrow more on my trip to Microsoft’s Redmond Campus.

Oh and check out my day one pictures in the ZuneSpring Flickr gallery.

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