Just a Little More… Two More Apps and an Updated Twitter

New Spades and Hearts apps on Zune HD

With hump day mere hours away it’s important to boost people’s morale. What better way to do that then by updating the Twitter and Facebook applications as well as adding Hearts & Spades. I’m having issues downloading them myself so fellow Microsoft MVP Neville Williams has got the scoop folks, and it’s juicy. Read up on his scoop here. (Image credit also goes to Neville Williams.)

2 Comments on “Just a Little More… Two More Apps and an Updated Twitter”

  1. Goodbye Zune!! I have for years touted zune today I finally gave up on any hopes zune will be anything. I bought an Ipod. I have had egg on my face ever since zune came out. Microsoft you really sucked on this. No apps worth a darn. I don’t think there ever will be. I put my zune to rest today.

  2. Funny thing is you would think you would have waited to be that ipod or make a final decision until the fall when a new ipod comes out. Sad to hear that though, and good luck!

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