There’s a lot that can be said for television these days. Cable news is more partisan then ever. Reality TV has become a cancer. Even The History Channel is no longer, what it used to be. Yes, times have changed by Lifetime has always been the same, except now it’s in the Zune Marketplace.

Catch your favorite episode of Lifetime shows “Sherri”, “Project Runway”, “Rita Rocks”, “Good Moms vs Bad Moms”, and “Amish Grace”. There’s also a few television movie collections to be had including Jodi Picoult, Patricia Cromwell, and Nora Roberts. Yep, it’s the who’s who, of male bashing, feminist power. It’s great to see Zune expanding into all genres of television instead of the crud most 18-24 year olds watch, however I’m slightly disappointed. I was really hoping to get some good Lifetime movies to boot.

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