Did you use the music quizzes during Zune 3? Do you like know random trivia about the current albums for use at boring dinner parties? Tonight for download you’ll find a new music quiz application.

Update As with earlier app releases this is a slow roll out. If you can’t see the app in your Zune software or on your device don’t worry. You should be able to see it soon.

Details are sketchy right now since none of us have yet to get our hands on the app however here’s a few screenshots courtesy of the Zune software.


Of course we’ll have the best review in town later tonight.

2 Comments on “New Music Quiz App for the Zune HD”

  1. Yes the app really “resonates” with me… It is a sick app and it’s one I’ve always wanted, man I didn’t even know about it until I visited Zune too (nice coverage ; ) Wow nice score, my first was like 164 I think and even now I think I only have 206, it keeps picking the albums I know nothing about from my Zune Pass extravaganzas… X D

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