100719-windows-phone-7-8a.grid-6x2You read that title right, starting today, we’ll be covering Windows Phone 7. Although most may think it’s a “duh” move, that isn’t one of those decisions I made lightly.

For many Zune users Microsoft’s ecosystem is something they use on a daily basis. They write their college papers in Word, play their video games on XBOX, and browse the internet using Internet Explorer (just kidding on that last one). These are the reasons Windows Phone 7 will appeal to them, it doesn’t just integrate with the Zune software or services it does everything a Microsoft branded device should do, and so far it doesn’t seem to do it badly.

Although most Zune sites have rushed to point out that we’ve heard no rumblings of a next generation Zune device, most of them have yet to adequately interpret what that might mean for a Zune user. Now I won’t act like a self aggrandizing jerk by saying I’ve thinking about the average Zune user.

In fact I’m thinking about what I’m going to do this fall. So far I have no clue, but with Zune on Windows Phone this is a subject we aught to cover. I mean, we can’t just leave it up to those pesky, Windows Phone MVPs right? We’re going to do, and we’re going to do it well. What i‘m interested to hear feedback on is, how you think we should go about it? Should we only cover Zune on Windows Phone news? Should we do full on Windows Phone 7 reviews and so forth? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Definitely full reviews, anything Zune is linked to has an impact on the Zune ecosystem, so anything on WP7 impacts the influence of Zune in some way, just do it!

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