51530368We’ve finally made it through the drought fellow music lovers! No more will we have to be content with half-assed horribly produced music. I’m only kidding, you’ll still have to deal with all those things, I mean hell this is modern music we’re talking about, but next week. This week we’ve got triple A releases from Linkin Park, Trey Songs, and Weezer.

Ordinarily I’d have listened to this week releases. Ordinarily I’d be able to offer you some guidance as to whether you should download it or not. We’ll if you haven’t realized it yet this is no ordinary week. The new Halo game made it’s debut last night and I haven’t managed to get anything actually done.  We’ll still do the listing however!

First off we’ve got Weezer, with “Hurley”.  While It’s one of their more strange titles, word on the street is it’s pretty solid. Of course the person who told me this also mentioned that their last CD was “American Idiot”, so it’s up in the air at this point.

Next we’ve got the R&B act that empowered women to come out of the kitchen and yell, “I’m a wonder woman!” Trey Songz’s “Pain & Passion” just screams R Kelly. So much in fact that I’m wondering when I should expect to hear him compare himself to former criminals and nickname himself the “Pied Piper”. You don’t have to take my word for it, Twitter follower @Literellz had her own take on it.

treysongz“Uh. @TreySongz new album is mediocre at best. Worst album to date. I love Trey so #noshade. I liked hungry & scrawny Trey better.”


While we’re on the subject of Twitter reviews, this week Linkin Park finally let’s loose “A Thousand Suns”. Here’s what my Twitter followers had to say.linkinpark


“The new Linkin Park album was kind of blah. Nothing really stood out for me. Plus, only 9 of the 15 tracks are songs…. @KingQuagmire

“For me, personally. A solid 8. I didn’t even get through all of "Minutes to Midnight"… and still haven’t. @Tromboneforhire

“Just listened to it when I woke up, and Minutes to Midnight was by far a better album. The new one sucks. @Dilpickle1

Shout out to everyone for their take on this week’s new releases. Also shout to @LevarBurton since I stole his “You don’t have to take my word for it” quote. Reading Rainbow rocked!

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  1. Ok with all the ripping on the new Linkin Park album someone has to be positive… I like it either close as much as Minutes to Midnight or it is my favorite album by them. The sound in the new album is very different but that is what I like about it. I appreciate when an artist is still able to surprise me with philosophy and meaning behind their music instead of conforming to simply what the listener wants and becoming main-stream…

    Great album I personally think…

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