CommunityScene: Zune Ecosystem Poll Ends

It may be a little later then usual, but when now closed voting for last month’s CommunityScene Poll. We asked “Now that the Zune ecosystem is on it’s way to being completely on three screens what do you think should be next?.” As you can imagine we got a few close votes here.

[poll id=”7″]

Unfortunately it looks like most voters support an answer to Apple’s iPod Touch, something they did not get with this year’s fall update. Were you one of them? Will you be leaving Zune for their failure to upgrade their device lineup? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Here is my pet peeve with Zune, I love it like crazy, but I need a dependable system. The current system, Marketplace, software, Zune HD, Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, devices, setup, etc… and everything that they have is great in expansion and features (of course there always could be more) But I would rather they polish, correct, and perfect what they already have rather then come out with new stuff that needs to be patched up also. Currently for me is still down and the metadata for both the Marketplace and My Collection are a mess. I’d rather see things like that get fixed than anything new. Everything is already there just fix it and improve. I think they need to boast their service more, make it flawless with what you have and then advertise to the world why Zune truly is better.

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