This is the story of dozens of people, defined by their love for technology, stay in a confined space and have tons of fun. This is what happens when geeks stop being polite, and start being real. No it’s not another season of the beloved reality show. it’s another one of InsideTheCircle’s MSMVP Events.

People having fun, discussing the current trends and new tips in Microsoft related technology. This time around it’s in San Diego, the place made famous by it’s Zoo, good cuisine, and SeaWorld. I’ll let Marques do the talking for himself,

“From what individuals had told me before, during, and after the event — #MSMVP was a welcomed thing to have for everyone involved. The community at-large was able to get some real-time, real-world advice and expertise from both store employees, XBOX Ambassadors and MVPs and the MVPs were able to find out that there were others local to their area (making for more connections).”

There’s another MSMVP event coming in October, I suggest all interested parties in San Diego, plan to attend. You find more information about them at InsideTheCircle

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