Tuesday morning my boss politely asked what I was listening to and why I was so into it. As soon as he heard the words “Halo Reach” he gave me a quick glance and followed it up with a “That’s not geeky, at all”. Well first, forget him, he spends hours playing World of Warcraft, so he’s one to criticize. Second, I figure there have to be others like me. More people who enjoy quality themed tunes from video games. ZuneSpring Community member IceWolfer93 has started an awesome post about his favorites in the forums. Tell us, what are your favorites?

4 Comments on “CommunityScene: Video Game Soundtracks”

  1. I’m not the only geek, thank God! ; ) Anyways no, video game soundtracks have some of the best orchestral music created! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. One of my favorite things to listen to is music from the Metroid games. There is even a band called Stemmage that has recorded metal versions of the Metroid songs. Do a search for “metroid metal” and you’ll find them, worth a listen. The music from both Bioshock games and both Gears of War games is great as well.

  3. Actually, my wife walked down the isle to a piano rendition of Aria di Mezzo Carraterre from Final Fantasy 6. If you haven’t heard it, definitely worth looking up.

  4. I REALLY like the Amon Tobin soundtrack for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. I also just got into Jesper Kyd…he does the stuff for the Hitman series and another one called Freedom Fighters (which is AWESOME)…its cool that video game soundtracks are becoming an art all their own now…I heard Trent Reznor has done some for Quake?????

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