cover19[1]So you’ve read the headline and you’re wondering why it’s such a big deal? Since Zune’s inception in 2006 not one single soundtrack from Microsoft’s best-selling game franchise has been available via Zune Pass or purchase. You read that right folks. Zune couldn’t get rights to a soundtrack for intellectual property they already own.  Halo lovers unite! It seems someone pulled some strings and made it happen sometime this week,as I checked my self on Tuesday. Every soundtrack to every game (except Halo Wars, but maybe they’re as anxious to forget it as we are), are available for Zune Pass streaming, or purchase right now in the Zune Marketplace.

Update Looks like the Halo Wars soundtrack is now also along for the ride.

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    • Must have been recently added. If I remember correctly the marketplace slowly updates across each screen. So you should see it there by tonight.

  1. Oh my word are you serious this just made my whole day! Although, I got Halo Wars through Pass about a few months ago, before I bought the album, did they take it off streaming… I’m pretty sure that always has been available in the Marketplace. I have to go look all this up now…

  2. Ok so I delved a bit further and I was still able to find Halo Wars available as a soundtrack, however I cannot find Halo Reach anywhere available or not.

    Also I wanted to advise others searching for these albums, there seems to still be duplicates in the Marketplace saying the soundtracks are not available search specifically for the album you are wanting and it should appear for example “Halo 3” rather than just Halo.

  3. Hah ok so I looked further and Microsoft screwed something up. Halo Reach will not appear in search results but if you go the artist where you find Halo Legends and Halo 2 Vol. 1 available for download select in the album area to view All rather than just Available and all the other albums will appear so you can download them, for some reason the aren’t “fully”marked as available.

  4. Well it seems like they fixed the Availability problem in the software, and just a tid bit of info maybe why you thought Halo Wars wasn’t in the Marketplace is because the music for Halo Wars is not created by Martin O’ Donnell who did all the rest of the Halo music. The music for Halo Wars was composed by Stephen Rippy (who by the way has some other awesome soundtrack music for videogames.)

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