I apologize for arriving late to the party, however you probably won’t care since you now have three new applications to get your hands on.


livemessengerDebuting tonight in the Zune Marketplace you’ll find two new games, and one new app for your enjoyment. First let’s start with the games. Castle Cannons is pretty straight forward, defend your castle by using troops and cannons to strike at the heart of the enemy. Dr, Optic’s Light Lab is also pretty self explanatory. Using mirrors, you most conquer different light puzzles that get progressively harder.


What really steals the show tonight is Windows Live Messenger, allowing you to chat, with both Facebook and Live contacts, and view photos in your Live Home timeline uploaded by friends. We’ll have a review of it up tomorrow but in the mean time, why don’t you play with it and tell us what you think? As always all of these apps are free via Zune Marketplace.

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