Did you ever watch the movie Drumline? Has it ever occurred to you possess what it takes to be the next member of your local indie rock band? If you answered yes to either, Zune has got you covered. Microsoft is rolling out three new applications for the Zune HD today and one of them may make you walk out of Guitar Center empty handed.

Drum Machine is where the fun seems to be at this time around. You tap the drum you hear a beat. It doesn’t get any more simple than that. Hairball is a little less explainable. You play as a a wad of hair traveling through pipes that you must navigate successfully for a higher score. Tiles is a puzzle game, move all the numbers in order within a certain number of moves and you win. All are available for free to Zune HD owners via the Zune Marketplace.

2 Comments on “Drum Machine, Tiles, and Hairball make their debut in the App Marketplace”

  1. Man, they do just keep cranking out the apps…
    I’m content with what I have, but I’m not opposed to more, as long as it is not crap for simply another app…

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