While we weren’t able to get our grubby little paws on any Windows Phone review hardware, it seems seems loads of other people were able to pull off the feat. How do we know? Everyone and there cat is throwing in their two-cents! We’ve collected reviews of the Zune media experience on Windows Phone for your reading pleasure.


Paul Thurott @ “This stuff is years ahead of what Apple is doing with the iPhone.”

Those familiar with Paul Thurott’s writing style will feel right at home with this one. It’s by far the longest review we’ve seen; about 17,000 words. He hits the high points on why this will be a great experience for music lovers.


Josh Topolsky @ “We love having almost limitless access to new music on a phone, and the Zune Pass subscription certainly adds that capability.”

We love Josh Topolsky, when he reviews Microsoft products. This review turns out to be no different. He seems to have trouble grasping some of the Zune app’s navigation and playback settings.


Andru Edwards @ “If you’re a music fan, this is incredible.”

By far our favorite review comes from Andru Edwards who; seems to completely understand what the Zune brand is supposed to be all about. He brings up some issues that we haven’t seen mentioned any where including; no Zune Cards, and no Channels. This is a must read for Zune users who are interested in using a Windows Phone as their sole mobile Zune device.


Have you read any reviews you think we should add? What do you think about they’re take on Zune on Windows Phone? Leave them in the comments.

5 Comments on “Zune on Windows Phone: The Reviews Are In”

  1. Don’t hate me but I’ve had an iPhone for the past two years and I’m ready for a refresh. I think Windows Phone 7 is finally the OS to allow me that! I’m glad it’s getting good reviews and from what I’ve seen in all those reviews (including the ones you’ve listed here) it looks pretty spiffy and pretty. If and when I get my hands on one, I’ll probably freak!

  2. It’s definately a Buy for me -early next year, when it comes to Sprint. I like AT&T but i’d rather not sell my soul to a company with no unlimited data. They really do need to improve that Zune app though. Zune without the Social makes absolutely no sense.

  3. It will definetly be a buy for me as well, next year. I just dont buy the first line of hardware to come out. I believe that north america got the most undesirable hardware.

  4. I hesitated because the carrier select was AT&T and T-Mobile. I did get the Focus on day one and my grips are more about the Focus than the OS or AT&T. At least out here in the mid-west my AT&T service has been great and I see less 3G drops than I saw with my VZW device. Granted I do not speak on the phone very much but in terms of data signal, things look pretty good. After adding 32GB (finally) I am now working on making my Phone my every day Zune player, so far so good as it handles the load well and streams right to my Sync system in the truck. Just looking for better mic’d earbuds than came with the Focus.

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