Update on Technical Issues

Many of you have started to report a couple of issues and I’d like to take some time to fill you in on what’s going on. It’s been nearly two weeks since ZuneSpring 4th, and it seems in addition to attracted some new users we’ve also attracted some un wanted guests, including some jerk who hacked the photos area of ZuneSpring and effectively torched it. I’ve looked into the security vulnerability, and it seems I didn’t hold up to my end to keep that system updated. I’ll be spending tomorrow attempting to restore that system however if I can not we’ll begin rebuilding it from scratch.

Concerning a non related problem we’ve also seem to hit a wall when trying to make attachments to posts in the forums. I’m looking into this now and even though I haven’t nailed down the problem, I’m almost positive this resulted from our earlier server move.

I apologize for the lack of articles however having a stable platform to share our ideas, and to have that these essential systems need to be working flawlessly. The MOMENT they are fixed, I’ll update this post and get back to writing our regular columns.

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  1. Well at least you’re working on it.
    That’s all we can ask for Travis thanks!

    I’m still liking the small tweaks and updates I keep seeing too keep up the work!

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