Mr_SunshineEver dream of watching a television show set in a sports area with over the top antics and starring a former “Friends” actor that isn’t the laughably horrible Matt Leblanc? We haven’t either but for a limited time you can own the pilot episode of “Mr Sunshine” for the very friendly price of $0 via the Zune Video Marketplace.

3 Comments on “Pilot of “Mr. Sunshine” Free in Zune Marketplace”

  1. Saw it. It was bad. I like Allison Janney from West Wing and this was directed by Thomas Schlamme, who also directed West Wing. Problem here was a comedy that wasn’t that funny. 30 mins of character types that have been done to death on other shows: dumb chubby kid, ignorant slightly obnoxious person who’ll say whatever they’re thinking, main character who is the only normal person at work trying to juggle all the crazy personalities. See The Office, it does this better.

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