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The poor folks in Canada have been sort of the unloved step child of Zune for a few years now. Sure they get the Zune Software and had access to the Zune 120, but what about Redmond’s latest and greatest? Rejoice over maple leaf flags, for now the Zune HD can be yours!

Source: ZuneInsider Podcast

Jessica Zahn, Programmer Manager on Zune, announced the that devices would in fact now be shipping to our friends in the north on Friday’s edition of the ZuneInsider Podcast. Still no word on when you’ll be able to load music to your device via a localized Music Marketplace.To get in on the action head on over to ZuneOriginals.net

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  1. I hope Microsoft will continue to support the Zune HD. I have three (3) WP7’s (all HTC HD7’s) and a Zune HD 16GB. — WP7 phones do not replace the Zune HD. I use the Zune HD a lot — I dock it to my stereo (can’t do that as gracefully with my HD7), I run with it (all WP7’s are too big for me), etc. It’s UI and playback are superior to the HD7 — actually, superior to any player (including our Touch 4G and Sansa Clip+) — so I use it when I just want to listen to music and podcasts. The wireless sync is awesome — all my podcasts and channels are up to date every day.

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