If you want makeup, you go to Mary Kay and if you want shoes you go to Mary Kay, similar NPD provides market research that by all standards can’t be beat. Today via they released market share numbers from fourth quarter of 2010, and since it was the first quarter  that Windows Phone was available we were a little anxious to get our hands on these numbers. So how did they do?  Well; not so hot.

According to NPD Windows Phone 7 accounted for just 2% of all smartphone sales, which in our eyes wasn’t too bad until we noticed this little tidbit:

“Despite buy-one-get-one promotions at both AT&T and T-Mobile, the Windows Phone 7 OS claimed less market share than its predecessor, Windows Mobile, for which handsets are still available at all four major U.S. carriers. Windows Phone 7 also entered the market with lower share than either Android or webOS at their debuts, according to NPD’s Mobile Phone Track.” NPD

The press release does go on to offer a little more advice like the need for more exclusive capabilities, and improving the marketplace (All of which are causes we can get behind), but it’s still pretty gloomy. No doubt that Nokia partnership can’t come soon enough.

Source: NPD Via Cnet

2 Comments on “NPD: Windows Phone off to a “Slow Start””

  1. Not going to lie that’s depressing, however I feel that it’s the same with any new “revolutionary” device.
    It’s rocky at first because nobody really knows what it is capable of, once Microsoft continues to flesh it more, I feel it will grow especially with the Nokia partnership and not only I think it, many critics are starting to notice the Windows Phone 7 too…

  2. Microsoft is really great at starting out with a stone around their neck. Predictions are they will be the number 2 or 3 OS in just a couple short years, depending upon who you talk to.


    I think the Kin created a deafening silence and with the domination of new Android devices, made this entry into the market not only late, but difficult. But I find it encouraging that nearly every Android device I have looked at here is manufactured by the same companies that have entered the WP7 market, and that all have the three-button hardware that makes it sooooo simple to eventually market them as WP7 phones. With Nokia providing even more choice soon, I think we will see an explosion with the release of Mango year-end.

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