It’s Friday, and apparently that means more deals on select Microsoft Game Studios DLC, avatar clothing, and Arcade games.

We’ll start with your avatar. Everyone needs new battle gear every so often and your digital replication isn’t an exception. You’ll find the Halo: Reach Emile armor, and the Halo: ODST UNSC marine armor for your avatar for 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50).  What if Gears of War isn’t your thing? The Gears of War 2 Locust Drone Armor (160 Microsoft Points or $2), and Ticker Pet (120 Microsoft Points or $1.50). Then there’s Fable 3 in there too, with the Fable 3 Warrior helmet selling for 120 Microsoft points or ($1.50).

Now that’ you’ve got that avatar all fancy it’s time to play some games. If you’re like us you’ve probably finished or at least started all of the first party Microsoft titles and haven’t touched them for ages. How about a little DLC to get you back in the Fable 2, Crackdown 2, Forza 3, and Gears of War 2 mood? The Halo 3: Mythic 2 Map Pack, Gears of War 2: All Fronts Collection, will both set your back 400 Microsoft points ($5) while the Halo 3: Mythic Map Pack (200 Microsoft Points) Forza 3 Hot Holidays Car Pack, (200 Microsoft Points)  Crackdown 2: Premium Toy Box Pack (280 Microsoft Points) Crackdown 2 Premium Deluge Pack (280 Microsoft Points), and Alan Wake: The Writer DLC (280 Microsoft Points) all seem pretty reasonable.

Not to be outdone by every other department in the Games Marketplace, the Arcade area is also throwing in some good stuff, with Toy Soldiers (800 Microsoft Points), Perfect Dark (400 Microsoft Points), Magic: The Gathering (400 Microsoft Points), Trials HD (200 Microsoft Points), South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense (400 Microsoft Points), ‘Splosion Man (400 Microsoft Points), Braid (400 Microsoft Points), Snoopy Flying Ace (400 Microsoft Points), Uno Rush (400 Microsoft Points) and Duke Nukem 3D (400 Microsoft Points) all coming in at an awesome 50% off their regular price.

Now that you’ve got enough stuff to last you the weekend, we’ll let you in on a little secret. We lied about having played of the Microsoft Game Studios stuff. In fact we’re just starting Crackdown 2.

Source: MajorNelson.com

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