If you are one of those folks who rely on deals to get you the latest in Windows Phone apps,”Earthworm Jim HD’’ marketplace page just got a bit more interesting.


“When Jim learns of the evil plans of Psy-Crow and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, he decides to rescue Princess What’s-Her-Name. Play as the grooviest earthworm in the galaxy, and explore a crazy universe that offers huge gameplay possibilities:- Run, gun, swing from hooks with your head, launch cows, bungee jump, rocket through speed levels and more.- Face 12 types of enemies and 9 bosses.- 4 different styles of gameplay: Side-scrolling run & gun, space racing, bungee jumping and underwater levels.- 10 original environments divided into 16 levels.- 4 levels of difficulty – including the challenging mode of the original game.”


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