Staring immediately and lasting until “Supplies last”, when you buy any Windows Phone from AT&T you’ll not only get the only OS with “Xbox Live and thousands of apps”, but 3 months of Zune Pass at no additional charge.

To get your free 3 months buy a phone from AT&T and go to and follow the steps.

While the Windows Phone update pretty much killed any remote chance AT&T might have ever had of getting us to sign a contract with with them, I can’t deny that getting 3 months of Zune Pass wouldn’t have made our carrier decision a little more difficult back in January.

Source WindowsPhone Central

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  1. Wow. I was psyched about the fact that I got one month free (instead of the standard 14-day trial that’s available to everyone) when I got my phone. Three months would be awesome. That’s basically a $50 rebate on the phone.

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