Ever since the news broke last week that HTC Surround owners should be finally getting the long-awaited firmware updates soon; I’ve been checking for updates once or twice each day. This evening, I finally saw a ray of sunshine. I plugged my phone into the computer and was prompted by a “An update is available” message.

After the pre-NoDo update completed, I manually checked again for updates; and found that the NoDo update was also available. The NoDo update is currently downloading (and looks like it’s going to take quite a while over my Internet connection); but, at least it’s finally here. Happy day!

As a reminder; when you do update your phone, make sure the USB cable is plugged into a good port. If the cable is plugged into a hub (which, on my HP desktop, the native USB ports in the front of the computer are actually part of a hub; only the rear ports work for these types of updates).

If you are an AT&T customer with an HTC Surround device, are you able to get the update now, too? Are there any other handsets/carriers that haven’t yet received the update?

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  1. Still waiting on the update to finish up (NoDo is on step 8 of 10, now – the download took a while and the backup took a long time); but I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping this will tide me over until MS gets the Mango update shipped out (and I hope that’s much less of a debacle than this update was).

    Also, hat-tip to @ZuneSceneForums for tipping off the @EnterConnected Twitter account around the same time I noticed this update was available. 🙂

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