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I may always be a nightmare customer for television networks. I find network cash cows like “Jersey Shore” to be an abomination of sorts, a finger in the eye of what television was made to do. Aside from my huge objections to content on television I also have a problem with it’s business model. In my admittedly short existence I’ve never once pondered the thought of rearranging my life in order to watch a television show. I don’t buy DVDs of my favorite shows to watch them all in sequential order. I won’t be suckered into paying half of the amount of money I spend on food every month to rent a cable box and sign up for some two year service agreement with Comcast. In fact to be perfectly honest if the cable companies were an NBA player playing opposite of me I’d elbow them in the face and make sure the referees saw it. I remember using Hulu for the first time and thinking “All of my dreams have come true”. Sadly If Hulu is the stuff of my sweet dreams, then Hulu Plus for Xbox 360 is the stuff of nightmares.

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