While we haven’t heard much about a new wave of Windows Phone devices coming our way it appears Dell may be extended it’s war on traditional cell phone carriers to the network with more bars in more places; AT&T.

According to Dell you’ll be able to your hands on their portrait keyboard slider in various storage capacities on AT&T starting May 13, with a $99 8GB version,  $149.99 16GB version, and $199.99 dollar 32GB version. Sure these prices are with a new two year contract with AT&T but from what we hear the phone is pretty good. You place your preorders or learn more about the phone here.

Source WindowsPhone Central

4 Comments on “Dell Venue Pro Set to Debut with AT&T May 13th”

    • I came really close to purchasing it instead of my HD7 but then it started having firmware and wifi issues. I think they may have fixed them though.

    • This style of phone would be very popular in Japan. Non-smartphone (dumbphone?) configured like this are all over the place, with Kana keyboards or Numerical dialing pads and qwerty.

  1. It looks like a great phone and would be my first choice, but considering I can get a focus or a quantum for about 100 dollars cheeper from AT&T I think I’d settle with that unless Dell brought the price down.

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