Like every other tech enthusiast following the mobile phone industry the leaks on what may be coming in Microsoft’s Windows Phone “Mango” update has had me captivated for the better part of this year. There’s a few reasons for that; the big one being I use Windows Phone exclusively, (oh, and I’m a giant Windows geek). Windows Phone blogs and communities have wasted no time churning out long lists of things rumored and confirmed to be making the leap to our phones sometime this year (LiveSide has the best one by far). When you look at these giant lists one can’t help but feel that Microsoft may have nailed nearly every feature the community wanted. Well, that’s kind of a problem for me. As a follower, and customer of the platform, I can’t help but hope they’ve got a few surprises up their sleeves. With that in mind these are the things we haven’t heard much about yet.

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