Starting today Microsoft’s got discounts available on seasons of your favorite Comedy Central classics including “The Sarah Silverman Program”, “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, “That’s My Bush", and more.

What comedies are on sale?  The price points are all over the map so forgive us for the list.

“Half Way Home” Season One 30% Off

“Dog Bites Man” Season One 30% Off

“That’s My Bush” Season One 20% Off

“Strangers with Candy” Season One, Two, & Three 30% Off

“Chocolate News” Season One 30% Off

“Stella” Season One 30% Off

“Secret Girlfriend” Season One 60% Off

“The Sarah Silverman Program” Seasons Two & Three 40%, Off Season One 50% Off

“Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time” Season One 20% Off

“The Naked Trucker & T-Bones Show” Season One 30% Off

“Michael & Michael Have Issues” Season One 20% Off

“Important Things with Demetri Marti” Season One 20% Off, Season Two 40% Off


That’s a whole lot of laughter for a reasonable price but it also begs us to ask a question. Why are Zune Marketplace sales so randomly priced?

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