While we’ve never been ones to look at our consumer electronics and think “What if it looked like my favorite _______?”, far be it from us to not give credit where credit is do –the new Star Wars Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle looks all sorts of nice.


Launching in the fall alongside “Star Wars: Kinect” , the console will strike up all kinds of tears from those of you who love the series’ R2-D2, and C-EPO, with the console itself resembling the former and it’s included wireless controller being a dead ringer for the later. There’s also a matching Kinect, a copy of “Star Wars: Kinect” and a 320GB hard drive.  So how much will this kind of fan service set you back? $450. Don’t worry, you can preorder today, and you’ve got until November to save up the cash.

Source Xbox Live’s Major Nelson

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