zune_software_4_8Are you in front of your computer wondering when Microsoft will push the next update to the Zune software? Now, actually! Starting today every user will be prompted to download the update, bringing a grand total of um, well not much. To be fair we’ve been using it for about a month so we can’t honestly be trusted to tell you what’s new other then some font spacing and updates for the Zune Marketplace. Have you guys found anything new?

5 Comments on “Microsoft Is Now Pushing the Zune 4.8 Update”

  1. Timing of this seems perfect. The Toshiba is being releases tomorrow and there are expectations Samsung and HTC will announce new devices next week. Zune.net/jp has been updated to show the windows phone. Can a new marketplace be far behind?

    • Im thinking this is just a temporary push to 4.8 for the few phones that are coming out soon. There has to be another Zune software version floating out there somewhere.

  2. So far all i’ve noticed is in the app section in the marketplace the tiles are enlarged and the section headers i.e (games, other) are lower cased now.. in the windows phone section some section headers have been merged together i think i.e. (Kids+family). Thats all i’ve found.

    *still hav’nt fixed the whole windows phone app shots the right way round as the screenshots are still portrait rather than landscape when needed.

    • aha. also unsure if its new but in the track tagging section theres a new button named ‘Show Sort’ unsure of what it does though ha ha. Artist and song names are slightly more spaced out now aswell.

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