Before we kick off another week of bringing you the best in Microsoft entertainment news I wanted to take the time to acknowledge that things might look a bit different this morning if you haven’t visited since Friday or Saturday night.

During the lead up to our shedding the ZuneSpring branding and changing our coverage to match, we wanted to make sure we nailed the content and news expectation, so we decided it would be best to hang on to ZuneSpring’s look for a short time. Six months later we’ve finally gotten around to completely shedding the design and thus completely breaking away from what people knew as ZuneSpring. On October 14th we’ll fully complete the transition and completely retire the web address.

So you’re looking around and you wondering “Where is X”? Later today we’ll be posting a few helpful videos and and tutorials on how to take advantage of the changes we’ve made. Before we get there though we’ve got to lock down the design and get back to business as usual and to do that we need your help. If you see a flaw, missing feature, misaligned icon, or anything else you would like to complain, about we need you to post it in the comments so we can have this bad boy nipped and tucked by the end of the day. You can also email your complaints to us over at 

I’ve already added a few complaints that you guys submitted over Twitter.

“You guys are spamming my accounts.” Fixed sorry about that. Our Twitter plugin and the Twitter API decided to get together and have a little siesta. Problem fixed.

“No link or button for RSS” Problem fixed.

“Jumbled menu text in header” Problem fixed.

“Comments section needs work” Problem fixed.

“Bio section needs work” Problem fixed.

“Jump Lists and icon broken” Problem fixed.

“No homepage ticker” Problem fixed.

“No front facing activity streaming for groups in Connected Social” Researched. Deemed not feasible. Yet. 

“No promotion for Connected Social on the homepage. Problem fixed.

“Broken images in the Popular section of the sidebar” Problem fixed.

“Backstage Blog not accessible from the Backstage page” Problem fixed.

“Connected Social profile sidebar not rendering correctly” Problem fixed.

“Connected Social profile updates not rendering correctly” unresolved

“Content Pages i.e. Reviews and such out of alignment” Problem fixed.

“Twitter integration down” Problem fixed.

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