Are you one of those people “illegitimately accessing Xbox Live marketplace downloadable content”?  Did you recently recieve a notice on how doing so “constituted  a blatant violation of the Terms of Use for the service”. Two things; first: stop that. Second: no more Xbox Live for you.

From the Xbox Live Forums

“During the course of a recent investigation, we have discovered users who illegitimately accessed Xbox LIVE Marketplace downloadable content. Our investigation reveals that this access was intentional and not accidental, constituting a blatant violation of the Terms of Use for the service. We will not divulge additional information regarding individual suspensions for these offenses.

Please know that we are being very careful regarding these suspensions, and have clear evidence regarding each account issued a permanent suspension from the service. We apologize for any frustration or confusion resulting from our inability to share individual details, and thank you all for your cooperation in this matter.”

Personally I think it’s fair. If I’ve got to pay $3 for those new Adidas for my Xbox Live avatar you should too!

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5 Comments on “Microsoft Begins Banning LIVE Users for “Borrowing” Marketplace Content”

  1. What constitutes the illegal downloads? Am I at risk because I use two accounts, one in the US for my Zune pass and what content is avaiblable to me here (usually music videos) and one in Japan (XBox Gold member, purchases and points) which I use for movies and other content. Obviously, on one XBox, this content is available to both in some cases (Fruit Ninja for example and music videos). Does this constitute the theft they are talking about even though it is all paid for and accessed by only one user in one location and only on devices linked properly? I don’t want to get crosswise of this.

    • Those are all great questions. Without too much details (as Xbox Live Enforcement Team doesn’t want any details really making their way out) It seems somehow these people were tricking the service into download content they didnt purchase. SInce someone paid for your content no matter which Live account it’s on, or region you should be fine.

  2. My console was banned, and I as a consumer who purchased the unit, would like answers as to why this was done. All I keep getting is the generic answer. I want real reasons. I do own the console, there must be some sort of violation involved in you crippling my xbox. My son has Aspergers, and he saved to buy the xbox, and he does not understand how this can be done. I know, I don’t fully understand, because nobody wants to tell me anything.

    • What it really comes down to is paying for an Xbox means is pretty much money in exchange for hardware. You buy the console and it’s yours to do with what you please. What happens is I think a lot of people confuse Xbox Live with with buying an Xbox 360 and it’s not necessarily the same thing. For example Xbox Live is covered under a completely different User Agreement then the console itself. It’s your console to do with what you wish by Microsoft does have the rights to not grand you access to Xbox Live for terms in conditions it sets, the biggest two being that theft, and misbehavior have consequences.

  3. Fair enough, but I have a right to know why, and by why, I mean specific reasons, not the general answer. I have no idea why and would like to know why. The only thing we can think of is that our COD Black Ops CD has some chips out of the center ring area, and we think that it is where the copyright protection was. But it has been like this for months. I can provide photo proof of this. But is there anyone who I can actually send pics to?
    And, if I am being banned from being connected to LIVE, why is it that I can just go buy a new console and sign in and everything is fine? That makes no sense.

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