The imminent extinction of Zune dedicated hardware won’t come as a surprise to anyone who keeps up with Microsoft entertainment news it’s still sad to see the old hotness go by the wayside. As a part of the rollout for Zune Music Pass, today Microsoft update Zune.net. For the first time in Zune’s history no dedicated device is on it.


Above is a screenshot of the new products page an there isn’t a mention of a device to be found. Microsoft has also kinda soft of rebranded Zune as a whole with Zune.net only referring to “Zune Music + Video” something that we’ve never seen anywhere else. Here’s to the Zune 30, 120, 4, 8 and HD. You will be missed.

Update Looks like the disappearance of the Zune HD from the website was an accident with Michael Yeager of the Zune team confirming that it was in fact in accident.

Source Zune.net via Tromboneforhire on Twitter