We hoped tome changes we’re coming to the Zune Music Pass in the U.S. and indeed it is. Not only is streaming your music going to become cheaper, you’re going to get the opportunity to stream music videos as well.

“Zune Music Pass in the US and Canada will now include more than just unlimited music downloads and streaming – starting October 3rd subscribers can stream tens of thousands of music videos through the Zune PC software and later this fall on Xbox 360.”

Additionally Zune is finally getting a little cheaper as well.

“On October 3rd, in the US, we will be introducing a new, lower priced version of Zune Music Pass at $9.99 per month. The plan will provide unlimited, on-demand access to more than 14 million songs and tens of thousands of music videos. Unlike the current Zune Music Pass offering, it will not include 10 MP3s to keep each month. In addition, as part of the new $9.99 offering, subscribers will be able to download songs and synchronize them on up to a total of four devices (1 PC + any combination of PC, Zune device and Windows Phone), and continue to enjoy unlimited access to streaming on Xbox 360 and on Zune.net.

Once the new Zune Music Pass offering is available, the $14.99 plan with 10 monthly MP3 credits will no longer be available to new subscribers. However, current subscribers can stay on their existing Zune Music Pass plan if they choose and will also have access to streaming music videos.”

Source ZuneInsider

3 Comments on “Microsoft Adds Music Video Streaming to Zune Music Pass”

  1. I’m not gonna lie a part of me is super stoked. And another part of me just died. I loved the ability to keep 10 songs through the Zune Pass, it really did make the service unique. However, I love the addition of music videos streaming, because I would never buy a music video until I saw the whole thing and you’re never able to do that, but now you can. At least they gave us something rather than just lowering the price and taking away the 10 song credits. Hopefully this alludes to future expansion for the Zune ecosystem in the future.

  2. Well, can’t say we didn’t all see this coming. But I agree with the previous comment. A mixed bag. I do admit there have been 1-2 months I accidentally, or by not making up my mind, allowed my 10 keepers slip away. I am also an album freak….I like having the whole album, and sometimes that is difficult.

    So it is a trade off…the 10 we lose are made up in a $5 reduction in price AND the ability to stream the videos. As with many things, seems to be a wash. So if you have the pass already, hang on…I presume you will still be able to stream the videos and at least for the time being will still have the 10 you can keep.

    • Anyone who already has a Zune Pass accont can choose to keep their current plan and still get the unlimited music video streaming. The price drop all gets Zune Music Pass down to reasonable price when you take the current crop of services into consideration. Overall I say it’s a win win situation for most people. Unfortunately I can’t go back to only using four Zune Pass computers/devices.

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