Its not very often that we talk about Microsoft’s competitors on enConnected. Today the man who brought us revolutionary items like the iPod, iPad and iPhone lost his battle to pancreatic cancer.

Without these creations, would the Zune or Windows Phone even exist? Would we have the high tech devices we have now or would we still be running off the innovation from Palm or RIM? We may never know, but right now all we need to do is put aside our opinions and remember Steve Jobs for what he gave us and the great life he lived.

So, from myself and the rest of EntertainmentConnected. Thank you, Steve Jobs.  We’ve always ran enConnected and ZuneSpring before it with the words from one of Apple’s commercials as a motto. “Here’s to the misfits, the crazy ones, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently.” Steve saw things differently, and it’s because of him that we all see technology from an entirely new perspective.

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