A few of you have emailed in with your comments and concerns about some of the site design choices, and how we can make a better overall feel new users. Over the weekend we rolled version 1.4 of adding a few choice options and a lot of pizzazz to our overall presentation.

Step one was better organization. In version 1 we made a big effort to throw headlines in your faces with bold styling and coloring. What we found was that when every headline is treated as special it’s hard to determine what actually is. To that effect you’ll find the only articles that are full size on the home page our the ones we found to be most important to users. We suspect you’ll already have noticed the biggest change to the design: our homepage. We wanted something that allowed us to both organize content better, and surface more of the user conversations from enConnected Social.

There’s also a new paired down logo. With this change we now move past the last vestige of ZuneSpring: the enConnected ZuneSpring puck inspired design of yesteryear. We’re a little sad to see the “puck” hit the road, but in the end we like the simplicity, and metro style of the new “block” version a lot better.

In our next update our soul focus will be on beefing up and surfacing enConnected Videos, enConnected Social, and enConnected Live better. Additionally we’ll be making some changes to our review pages. As always your comments are needed, encouraged, and appreciated.

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