To say that this has been the most anticipated update to the Xbox 360’s Dashboard is would be an understatement. For months, Microsoft has leaked out small tidbits of their plans for this year’s update to America’s bestselling video game console eleven months running and has been sure to eke out every last drop of public-relations hype they possibly could. Now it’s here in all of its “Metro” glory but how does it work?

This week we’ve got a in-depth review of the most anticipated software release this year.

One Comment on “The New Xbox Dashboard; Reviewed”

  1. Well, color me pleased. While the dashboardismore limited here in Japan, we now have Hulu plus! Just watched my first ever episode of 30 Rock since being in Japan on a free month membership.

    Now if only the Zune Music Marketplace would hit I’s be a happy camper, but so far, pleased. Using Kinect to scroll through screens while a little tricky to master was smooth from there. Did try to Bing a movie on the USpass, I did manage to find the soundtrack from the film. Awesome upgrade!

    Now, my HTC Titan should arrive tomorrow. This weekend I will go to Softbank to get the SIM card straightened out…My ecosystem is almost complete. (I even see the marketplace has reappeared on my Zune HD after a couple month hiatus….life is good)

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