If you were one of those lucky enough to get your names into the hat before registration closed, you can now turn on your Xbox and enjoy that shiny Xbox Fall 2011 Dashboard update. While we can’t talk about what’s in there we can’t talk about what’s in the version out in the preview stage, we still know all about the features that Microsoft has already announced including integrated Bing, Cloud saves, and deeper Kinect integration. Additionally there’s a new update to Xbox.com that introduces a new Zune Video Marketplace, and Social tab. Mysteriously missing from it is that ‘Music’ section we saw leaked by Microsoft when they posted screenshots earlier this week.


Xbox.com’s new ‘Social’ area.

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  1. Music is there. It’s more informational stuff about Zune Music Pass and Last.FM. A lot of it just directs a person to pages on Zune.net, but that just tells me over time the stuff on Zune.net will just get ported over.

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