Microsoft's 2011 Xbox Dashboard.

So let’s cut the crap for a second. 2011 wasn’t an excellent year for Microsoft. Not a single product that they released last year didn’t come with a “but” attached to it. Windows Phone 7.5′s roll out was awesome, but to see what the software paired with great hardware could really do, you’re going to have to wait for Nokia device’s to really hit American shores (The Nokia Lumia 710 isn’t due on T-Mobile until January 15th, and we’ve still heard nothing on any more devices from the company officially.) Windows 7 kept chugging along, just as stable as it’s been since launch. Xbox unleashed the new 2011 Dashboard, only to leave us craving more integration and applications then they’ve already provided. In fact now that I think about it, it’s been a downright crummy year if you were hoping Microsoft would make big moves this year. Read More

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